Cancel your eHarmony Subscription with These 2 Simple Method

Cancel your eHarmony Subscription with This 2 Simple Method

If you have a dating subscription with eHarmony that you want to cancel, you will need to follow this simple instruction. You can also delete your account if calls that you don’t to be a member of the dating website. I will teach you how I permanently unsubscribed from the eHarmony but before we continue, let us discuss briefly what the platform is all about.

eHarmony is a dating app where you can meet and connect with single ladies and men from different countries. It is on the list of popular dating app in the world. It is a place where single men and women around the world search and find a relationship online. In our previous article, we wrote about how to sign up for a new account on eHarmony.

However, we discovered that some people who have found their love and want to delete their accounts are having a problem with how to cancel eHarmony their accounts. Here we teach you how to deactivate your eHarmony account with your PC and Mobile phones. If this has been your problem then, read the instructions below.

Sometimes you may have discovered that the dating site in which you are one of the members is not giving you what you want or that the dating site has provided what you were looking for, that is you have found your perfect match. Base on this some people may wish to cancel and unsubscribe from their harmony account. It is on this note that we decided to guide you on how to deactivate your eHarmony account. Before you can successfully delete all your details on this dating site you must follow all the required steps.

What you should know about canceling subscription on eHarmony

Unsubscribing your account means that you no longer need the service of the site. Therefore you have to give it a second thought before you proceed to cancel your eHarmony account. Another implication is that you will start as a new member once you have deleted your account and you know what it means, you will sign up for a new account, answer the questionnaire and find new matches.

There are two different methods on which you can cancel or delete an eHarmony account without leaving your information with the dating site. First, is to close the account, this will stop your connections with other members, and it implies that you can’t access your account any longer and other members of the dating site will stop to see information about you. The second method is by sending email to eHarmony, requesting them to permanently cancel information about you from the site. You can unsubscribe.

How to cancel your eHarmony Subscription on PC, iPhone & Android

If you have made up your mind to deactivate your eHarmony account you can follow the instructions below;

  • Login to your account using the official website or app
  • On your home page locate Profile option and click on it. Usually on top of the page
  • From the drop-down menu click on Account Setting
  • Next step, is to go to your payment section, you may call it billing option, click on Billing as the case may be
  • Then click on Close Account option
  • Ignore the warning and click yes, close my account

You can now proceed to email eHarmony requesting them to clear all your personal information relating to the account. You can do that by emailing

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Once they receive the email and take action on it according to your request you automatically cancel your eHarmony dating subscription.


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