Change Facebook Page Username: 4 Methods

Change Facebook Page Username

Change Facebook Page Username – You may have gotten your Facebook page name by buying it directly or receiving it as a gift or even creating it yourself; however, the name of it does not adapt to the approach you have in mind and you may want to work with a different theme or give it a more attractive name.

In addition, creating a page from scratch to assign the name you want would be a waste of time, since, this page that you have, already has a number of considerable and active followers. Fortunately, Facebook added, a couple of years ago, an intuitive option to rename any page. Of course, you must be careful, because there are different guidelines that you must follow to make the change without problems. Next, we leave you a really simple and complete tutorial so that you do not have any problem.

How to Change Facebook Page Username on PC & Phones

Change Facebook Page Username

  1. The only way to change the name of your Facebook page is through the web; What you should take into account before trying it, is that to request this change, you have to be an administrator of the page. If, in effect, you have the required role, then follow the steps detailed below:
  2. Go to the top of your page and, in the left panel (below the profile photo), click on “See more “to display the list of options, and then click on the one that says “Information “.
  3. Once you are inside the information tab, the general data of your page will appear; In the “General” sector, which is the first, you will see the category and name of your page, in addition to two options that say ” Edit “, in this case, you must press the second.
  4. Immediately, a box will appear in the middle; It will show you the current name of your page and it will give you an option to place the new one. When you have made sure that the name you have inserted is correct, click “Continue”

Finally, another window will appear in which you must confirm the changes you want to make, if everything is OK, then simply click on “Request change “.

Change Facebook Page Username on PC & Phones

Lastly, despite the fact that Facebook mentions that the process can take up to three days, the normal thing is that it lasts a couple of seconds or minutes, of course, if the change you made in the name was minimal and meets the standards of the platform.


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