Create Instagram Account Via 3 Simple Methods

Create Instagram Account

I’m going to teach you how to create a new Instagram account and share those of your important moments with friends across the world. Instagram App is the most popular social network app used for sharing moments like photos and videos online. With an Instagram account, you can follow and share an opinion with your favorite artist.

Some said Instagram is the home base of entertainment. Therefore create the account by following the steps on this post to enable you to share a moment with your loved ones. There are several ways in which one can create a new Instagram account.

Instagram as a mobile app has been making waves since its creation in October 2010. It now has over 900 million users across the world. It works to give you the best experience.

Recently Instagram launched new features to enable the users to have a better experience, on the same line strengthens the safety of the application. There many updates on the application some of which are listed below;

Features Of Instagram

  • You can now use face filters to make your photos more unique
  • Instagram app for Windows
  • Users now regulate comments on their page
  • With the new feature, users can add multiple photos to their page
  • You can block a user from your list
  • Save or bookmark your favorite post
  • Instagram now has editing tools
  • Your account is now secured with Two Factor Authentication

We can now proceed to the next stage which is how to create a new account on Instagram. To create a viable Instagram account you really need to follow these simple guides. There are two different way in which you can create a new account on Instagram, these include using the Instagram App and Website

How to create Instagram Account by Using the App

If you already have an Instagram App on your device navigate to it and open, if you are yet to install it, visit App Store or Google Play store to download it now.

  • Choose from the option, either to sign up using email or register with Facebook.
  • Click on Sign Up option
  • Enter your valid email address or phone number. You may decide to log in with your Facebook account.
  • The importance of using a valid or active phone number is that it will help you to recover your password when you forget.
  • Click on the next box to enter your username. Pick a username that has not been used by another person
  • Create a password
  • Proceed to add account details. Upload a profile photo and add your bio and other necessary information. Your account details can be changed anytime you wish.
  • Click next and tap on Done. That is it, you have created a valid Instagram account

Now how do you sign up using the website? It is very simple; these are what you are going to do;

Creating a new Account Via the website

  • Visit
  • On the page, you will see a form that will display Log in with Facebook OR email address
  • Choose the option you like and proceed
  • If you are using email provide your full name and username
  • Create a password
  • Then click on Sign up.

Note that if you are using a Facebook account, Instagram will require you to log in to your Facebook first.

I believe this post was helpful to what you are searching for. Don’t miss to share this post with your friends and if have any question feel free to ask using the box below.


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