The Best You Can Get On Vine Account As A Beginner

Twitter Vine Account

I know before you search for ways to make a new Vine account you must have known what Vine is, It’s a video-sharing app that allows the users to upload and share short videos. Vine was later acquired by twitter after some months of its existence.

The site is mainly for entertainment where you can watch funny videos and listen to short music. You can view videos posted by other members and also share it with your friends. But to fully explore the services on Vine you will need to sign up.

It’s crucial to note that many after they have made a Vine account got banned for not complying with the rules and regulations guiding the platform. You must respect rules and regulations guiding all the members and if anyone goes contrary his or her account will be suspended immediately.

So it’s advisable either at the preliminary or before the completion of the new account that you read and understand all the act or activities that will be considered unhealthy for other members.

Once you make a new Vine account you’ll automatically become a member of the community and as such you are not expected to post violence and threats related materials or share confidential information about other members or act unlawfully. For more of the guidelines visit the website at read and adhere to the laws guiding the site.

Ways to Make a Vine Account with the App

Before you register for Vine account through this method, you will need to download the app. After the installation, launch the app and select the option you want to sign up with, either with your Twitter account or email address. Follow the prompts of any option you selected and complete your registration.
You can also make an account on Vine through the website, below are what you need to do;

To make the new Vine account Visit Vine twitter official website at

On the home page, you will see “Dear Vine community” within the line click on “click here”. Click on “ Sign Up With Twitter” on top right of the page. Between the options, twitter and email address, choose one, follow the prompt and create a vine account. Make sure you have either email or twitter account before you proceed.

Twitter Vine Account sign up

If click sign up with email, you will have to enter your full name and email address. Click on “Create account”. Proceed to your email address and follow the link that would be sent to you and complete the registration.
Editing Vine Profile

Once you have created your account you can go ahead and add profile photo, create a username other relevant personal information.

Note that a medium follower, you have limited access to some of the activities on the social network. However you can upgrade to membership which has monthly payment after joining as medium member.

Vine Account

To login vine Account click on sign in with twitter and provide your login details.

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