How To Create Dropbox Account Free (7 Steps)

How To Create Dropbox Account free

Can one create Dropbox account free? Are you looking for a website where you can access all your documents, photos, videos, and many other important in one place, anyplace, anywhere, and anytime? Then Dropbox may be your next target. It has different types of accounts from which you can choose depending on the size of the file you want to upload. To enjoy these services you need to create a new Dropbox account.

The steps are not the same thus we want to help you with the processes on ways to open the account.

What is Dropbox About?

Before going into teaching you how to create a new Dropbox account we will like to answer one of the most frequently asked questions. Dropbox is an online platform where you can keep your valuable documents, photos, and other relevant files online. It also allows you to share files with your family, friends, business partners, etc.

Dropbox connects its users to a secured server where they can reach their files from Web, Apps, mobile phone, PC, and through other means connected to the platform. It is a cloud storage system that is highly efficient in securing your files. Dropbox is one of the best services cloud storage that helps us release our hard drives and gain more space.

Can Someone Create Dropbox Account Free?

Many people get confused about whether or not the Dropbox account can be created free. The Dropbox account is not free. It is only free for the first month of your sign up and after you will be billed according to your purchased plan. There is

Dropbox Plus, Professional, Standard and Advanced, all has its peculiar features. Because of Dropbox sign up for free some people make mistakes uploading different documents, thinking that they will continue to use it for free, it totally not free.

How to Create Dropbox Account Free

Just as I mentioned before, there are different plans which you can subscribe to during and after creating your account such as the free premium business for a free account, Dropbox basic with 2GB and Dropbox plus with 1 terabyte.

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All the plans have additional features that can suit your demand. Meanwhile, there is no Dropbox sign up for free, you will only enjoy 30 days free plan. You will sign up for Dropbox with Google or Yahoomail, Outlook, AOL email, or any other webmail account.

  1. Go to the official Dropbox Page at
  2. Click on Sign Up option on the home page
  3. Fill in your First and last name on the first two field
  4. Enter your Valid and active email address
  5. Then create a password. It very important that you create a strong password that cannot be guessed by any third party. This is because of the valuable files you will be stored on the platform
  6. Tick “I agree to Dropbox terms”
  7. Once you have provided the above details click on “Create an account” to successfully create the account.

On Dropbox sign up page if you want to use your Google details, you will need to click on Sign up with Google and it will take you to where you will log in with your Google account details. The essence of this is to make it easier for you by using your Google account details.

It is much easier because Dropbox will automatically collect the necessary info for the account. Your privacy won’t be disclosed during and even after creating your Dropbox account.


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