How to Sign up Wechat | WeChat Android Download (Simple Tips)

How to Sign up WeChat

How to Sign up Wechat – WeChat App For Android WeChat is an application messenger that allows sending of text, videos, photos, voice, and video calls. It is the most popular social messaging app in China with over millions of active users in the country and other parts of the world. Some people described WeChat as an app for everything because of its great features. WeChat has similar features with WhatsApp messenger but has more to offer. It combined other social network features allied with Facebook, Skype, and Twitter.

When I discovered the unique features on WeChat I decided to write this article and guide some people who still find it difficult on how to sign WeChat and ways to get it installed on their Android free. Before the end of this write-up, you will understand the features, how to download the app, and also ways to download videos on WeChat.

Features WeChat App For Android

  • It has a payment feature that allows the users to make a payment on the go.
  • It supports the users to create an official account.
  • WeChat has videos and voice calling features.
  • WeChat provides text messaging services.
  • You can add more friends anytime using the feature called Friend seeks.
  • Other features include video conferencing, photo sharing, video games, sending of contacts with people through Bluetooth, Feed update, look around, etc

How to Download WeChat on Android Phone

  • Go to Google Play store.
  • On the search bar type WeChat. Doing so will enable the app to display on your screen
  • Once your searched result appears, tap WeChat
  • Tap INSTALL. This will enable it to save on your device.
  • You can continue to sign up WeChat account.
    Immediately after the installation tap ACCEPT. You can now proceed to your phone and start enjoying the app’s service.

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After you have finished downloading, next on the list is to sign up for your account. To create a working WeChat account you will need to follow defined steps which are as follow;

How to sign up WeChat

Concerning how to sign up WeChat, it is required that you use a phone number that is active so that when the apps send you a verification code you should be able to see and use it on the appropriate space.

  • Open the app on your Android device.
  • Tap on the Sign Up button.

How to Sign up Wechat

  • Enter your account details such as your username, an active Phone number, Region, and other necessary details.
  • After you finished providing the details tap on Sign Up.
  • Once you tapped sign up, a verification code will be sent to your phone.
  • Open your inbox and copy out the code; enter it on the verification box.
  • Tap next. From there you will be taken to your WeChat new home page from where you can start enjoying the entire feature in the app.

Do you know how to download WeChat videos on your android? There is nothing difficult in getting videos that captures your attention on WeChat. Now, follow these steps below.
Locate the WeChat app on your phone, tap it to open.

  • Go to chat conversations, look for the video you want to download. Once the video is found tap on it so that you can watch it.
  • To download the video, hold it on your screen. Doing so will bring options where you can choose what you want to do the video.
  • On the list of menus tap “Save video”, it is under favorite. Wait a few minutes for complete download. That’s it; you can now watch the video by going to the location where it is saved on your android phone.

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