How to unblock someone on Facebook

How to unblock someone on Facebook

Want to block or unblock someone on Facebook? To prevent or resume contact with a person, then know that it is possible to reverse this action. Just access the social network settings and with just a few clicks the contact will be released in your account.

Sometimes, blocking is necessary to avoid contact by inconvenient people, without having to break the friendship on the network. The tip is also very useful to keep away some unsubscribed users who are bothering you. Are you curious? Then check out in this tutorial how to unblock a person on Facebook.

In fact, whoever you blocked cannot see your posts on Facebook or add you again. What even serves you if you block someone on Facebook. It is worth noting that, when you unblock someone who was your friend, that person does not automatically return to your circle.

You can block someone to prevent that person from seeing what you post on your profile, start a conversation with you, or add you as a friend (even if you are not yet friends, it can be taken as a preventive measure against possible problems, even with family members) ). Blocking a friend breaks a friendship.

What Happens to a blocked Facebook user

  • The user will not be able to see what you post on your profile;
  • Tag you in posts, comments, or photos;
  • Invite you to events or groups;
  • Start a conversation with you;
  • Add you as a friend

When you block someone, you also won’t be able to do the same things listed above. Keep in mind that blocking someone may not prevent all communications or interactions such as in apps or groups and that it only affects your interactions with the person on Facebook (and no other social networks). When you unblock someone, you and that person will not automatically become friends again. If you block a friend and then unlock them, you will need to send a new friend request.

How to block someone on Facebook

In addition to not being able to add your profile, the person you block cannot see your profile or tag you in posts and photos or invite you to events or groups.

  • Enter the person’s profile; If the profile is no longer accessible, you have probably been blocked;
  • Both on the cell phone and on the computer, click on the Plus button,
    represented by the three dots (usually next to the Message button);
  • Click Block and carefully read what can happen;
  • If you want to proceed, click on Confirm ;

The person is blocked from your Facebook.

How to unblock someone on Facebook

If you regret it or want to give someone a second chance, it’s also easy. Here’s how to unblock someone on Facebook: However, if you want to resume the relationship, you need to send a new friend request after you have unblocked the person

  • In the upper right corner of Facebook,
  • Click the down arrow and select Settings ;
  • On your cell phone, just go to the hamburger menu (with the three horizontal bars)
    and also click on Settings and then on Account Settings ;
  • Enter Block ;
  • Click Unblock next to the person’s name to remove the lock;

Now the person can see your profile but has not yet become your friend.