See All your Friends List On Facebook

Friends List On Facebook

Sometimes you would want to see your friends list on Facebook.  The friends list helps you to discover who you intend to share your articles with on Facebook.

I have witnessed a case where one wants to have access to his Friends list on Facebook but don’t know where or how to access it, in this post, I will show you how to access your Facebook friend list.

Seeing Your Friends list n Facebook

To create a Friend List, do the following:

  • Starting the Home page, view the appropriate side of the web page for the News Feed menu.
  • Tap the down arrow to expand the News Feed menu when and after that click the See All web link below the menu to broaden it even better.
  • That should bring you to a list of all the various means you can check out News Feed, consisting of seeing only certain sorts of stories or stories from specific listings.
  • Tap the Manage Lists choice (the last item in the List).
  • The Manage Lists web page shows up. Puts a page that notes all your checklists.
  • tap the Create List button on the upper-right edge.

The Create New List window shows up.

  • In the list name box, type the name of your list. Possibly something like My blog for the My blog Team.
  • Add friends that belong on this List by keying their names in the Members box. Facebook autocompletes as you kind. Press Go into when you highlight the right friend’s name.
  • Tap Create.

Now, wherever Good friend Notes show up on Facebook, consisting of where you set privacy, you have access to the brand-new List you developed.

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Facebook by default is to set it to show in the news feed and Most updates. There may be some people you’d like to reduce visibility with, and others you would like to increase visibility with. You can make all those adjustments in this same place. For example, if you accepted someone as a friend but don’t really want to see their posts, but don’t want to unfriend them either, UNcheck the Show in news feed option

How to Remove Someone from Friends List

In order to remove someone you’re friends with from a list:

  • Tap Manage List in the top right, then select Edit List.
  • Tap a friend’s name to remove them from the list.
  • Tap Finish.

If you hide your friends on Facebook you can unhide them any time you feel like.


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