Note Facts before You Sign up imo Messenger Account

Note These Facts before You Sign up imo Messenger Account

Today, I’m going to talk about imo messenger app. when it comes to messaging apps for Smartphones, imo is competing favorably to be as popular as WhatsApp. If you’re just getting started with it for the first time and need a few pointers on how to get everything set up, you’ve come to the right place.  However, there are many things you need to know before you finally hit that imo sign up button. The registration process is not actually hard as many people think. You shall see the sign up steps below and how to activate your imo account.

What You Should Know About imo Messenger App

With so much exposure to social media, many of us feel that our daily lives are incomplete unless we share something with friends on imo messenger, but one important thing you should note is that it’s still difficult to control where your posts end up. You don’t have much control over what your friends do with your posts. Just like Facebook, your post may get many expositions.

Creating an imo account is free, and will only take a few minutes. However, you can only sign up for one imo account per phone number. You can edit your account and give it a perfect look. Here are the features of imo messenger app.

imo App Features

  • You can express yourself with hundreds of free stickers!
  • imo messenger app allows you to send unlimited instant messages
  • You can access multiple chats clients at a single time.
  • With the app, you can group chat with friends, family, and your close allies.
  • You can send and receive photos, music, and other files also.
  • Another great feature it has is that it keeps your chats in sync with mobile
  • Voice messaging
  • Enjoy sharing Photo in groups
  • You can automatically sign in your account.
  • You create high-quality video and voice calls
  • It also has the feature that allows you to Group video call your friends, family, and other close allies
  • You have the right to save browse and search your chat history.
  • Unlimited Sharing of photos and videos
  • IMO app allows the user to send voice Instant Messages so you can record your message and send it instead of typing the text.

More to Know About imo Messenger

Many smartphones these days come with play store but in case yours isn’t available on your mobile phone, you will need to download the APK version of the App launch it before you start using imo chat messenger.

Using the imo free video calls and text does not really have an age limit. As long as you can browse and have friends and family to connect with then you are good to go.

In the real sense, in contrast with other social Medias networks such as,, SKYPE, etc where you have to create a new account to gain a login ID for yourself, imo messenger does not work so. Here the imo messenger works with your phone contacts and your imo sign up for new account requires your Phone number. Just the same way WhatsApp works, using a mobile phone number to register for a new account.

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Once you are done with the sign up by using your mobile number, you can now start adding or/and inviting your friends and family via their contact numbers in your phone.

To be able to Sign up for the imo account you will have to download imo Free Video Calls App for your mobile phone. These are where you can download imo Messenger App irrespective of your Smartphone:

  • For Android– download through Google play store,
  • For iOS- download through the iTunes app store,
  • For windows phone and Nokia– Download through Microsoft Window Store.
  • For Blackberry – Download through App world 

How to Sign Up imo New Account

The user registration and sign up process requires an existing account with one of the supported third-party messaging services. The instruction below will walk you through the process of registering for the imo social network.

  • Go to your App store and download the App from the various stores mentioned above.
  • After downloading, you will need to install the App in your mobile Phone
  • Enter the required information such as your name, your phone number, etc.
  • You will do verification of your Phone number
  • Then at the last section tap login and you are done.

That’s all; you can now enjoy imo app services on your mobile phone. On our next, we’ll teach you how to install and create an imo account on PC.


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