6 Ways To Create New Twitter Account with Gmail & Phone Number

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As a means of helping you connect to more people who have the same interests as you online, we teach you Twiter registration to enable you to increase your social audience. With the account, you can share your area of interest in the world. There are over millions of active users all over the world who use it for different purposes. Hence, the reasons why you may want to join twitter, one of the best social networks.

Also for the reason that some prospective Twitter user does not know how to use Gmail to create new the new account, we decide to use this platform and teach you and others who may have known about twitter but don’t how to create the account and those who don’t know anything relating to Twitter. Therefore, before we continue to the steps to create a Twitter account, let’s talk about what twitter is all about.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a platform where you can share links and your perspective on a particular subject matter. It is a social network where you connect to like-minded people and much important personnel around the Globe. Just as we said before that users use it for different purposes, as a website owner, you drive traffic to your blog with the help of Twitter. The platform creates a good social environment to make your ideas reach to the world. From here, let head to the procedures to create a new twitter account.

Twiter Registration With Gmail & Phone Number

Twiter Registration

  1. The first step is to visit the sign-up page https://twitter.com/signup. Fill your personal information accordingly just as indicated in the image above.
  2. Fill in your Full name, enter a valid email address or phone number because your account verification code will be sent to it. Create a strong password. Once you complete the form, click on “Sign Up”. On the next page, Twitter will indicate that the information you provided is correct.
  3. Verify your account. You will receive a verification code either through your email or phone number, depending on the one you provided. Enter the code and click on “Verify
  4. Twitter will suggest some accounts to follow; you can skip if you don’t want to follow the recommended accounts.
  5. Pick a Profile Photo and complete Other Necessary Information
  6. Click on “Add a photo” to enable you to upload existing photos on your computer. To add a bio, click on your profile name click on the “Edit profile” on the top right side. Add Bio, Location, and website if you have any, then select your preferred theme color. Enter your Birth Date. Once you are done, click on “Save changes”

Twiter Registration

Important Notice; when you want to create a Twitter new account for the blog, make sure you use the blog site’s name.

Also note that twitter as a social platform doesn’t tolerate incident acts toward other users, no abusive words, and once you go against the rules your account will be banned immediately.


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