What is JBL Bluetooth Speaker?

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JBL is a brand audio professionals rely on. Used by famous DJs in the biggest clubs around the world, JBL speakers are built to last, to be tough, and dependable. The JBL name has also become synonymous with portable Bluetooth speakers. The best ones are portable, dependable, have a longer-lasting battery, and can withstand heat and colder weather — all without sacrificing great sound.

JBL is a brand to look out for, consistently debuting some of the best Bluetooth speakers around. Here, we’ll look at the various JBL speakers on the market, how they differ, the features they offer and, ultimately, which is the best fit for you. We’ve even gone to the trouble of finding the best deals and cheapest prices.

Obviously, more expensive JBL models have a few more features than their cheaper siblings. Generally speaking, the more you play, the bigger the battery, giving you not only more time between recharges, but also the potential to juice up your phone or tablet directly from the speaker itself.


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