Best Wireless Bluetooth Earpiece for Android Phone

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Bluetooth Earpiece for Android

There are things that makes a pair of headphones good for making calls, First, Bluetooth. The best Bluetooth earbuds or headphones are able to reduce ambient noise even in loud environments (like when you’re trying to talk with your boss and your toddler discovers how much noise a spoon and pot make when you bang them together).

Sound quality is also imperative; you need to be able to hear people clearly, especially when taking project notes or nailing down the specifics of a contract. As you continue to narrow down what you’re looking for, you should also consider ensuring your new headphones have great battery life, look good and are comfortable enough for long calls.

In this selection, I’ve listed the very best Bluetooth earpiece for Android devices around today for business, and also home users that let you easily make (and receive) hands-free phone calls, no matter if you’re in a car or at your desk.

Take a pick of the best Bluetooth headset is crucial, as they can be important bits of kit for anyone who relies on their phones and makes loads of calls every day.

Get the wrong one and you could be looking at headaches and dropped calls. But get the right one and it will have just the right wireless range, the perfect amount of padding, and crystal-clear audio quality for successful calls every time. here is the list of the best Bluetooth earpiece for Android:

1. Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

Bluetooth Earpiece For Android

This is one the best on my list of bluetooth nfor Andriod. the Samsung’s Buds Plus look essentially the same as the original Galaxy Buds, but their battery life is rated at 11 hours for music playback up from 6, and they pack dual drivers for better sound and an additional microphone in each bud to help with external noise reduction while making calls. They’re comfortable to wear and also have a feature that allows you to hear your voice in the earbuds while making calls, it’s a setting in the app under “advanced”.

Formally, these were more geared toward Android users, and Samsung Galaxy smartphone owners in particular, but now there’s an iOS app that gives Apple users most of the same features as Android users.

2. Sony MBH22

Wireless Bluetooth Earpiece for Android

The Sony MBH20 headset used to sit at this point in my list. It was a simple, easy-to-use headset with good battery life, but it’s since been replaced by the MBH22. Although they both have a similar, simple design, this latest model is packing some newer features.

Also part of the new feature is a USB Type-C connector instead of an older microUSB port. It’s still a good, comfortable fit although there is only one earpiece, which means that might not be the case for everyone.

You can connect two phones at the same time to switch between calls if you’re that in demand, as well as smart access to Google Assistant and Siri.

Most importantly, sound quality on this headset is excellent, and it does a good job of limiting background noise picked up by its mic as well.

3. Jabra Steel Bluetooth Headset

best bluetooth earpiece for android

This another Bluetooth headset for Android, This Earpiece was made for trade workers. If you travel extensively or conduct on-site sales in tough conditions, this might be the perfect set for you. It eliminates background sounds and is dust, dirt-,, and water-resistant.

It can also survive high drops and has an impressive five-year warranty. And, it comes equipped with aggressive noise cancellation for clear sound quality, even with heavy background noise.

If good call quality is your first priority, look no further. You’ll enjoy Jabra Steel- and environment-sensitive, noise-canceling features — meaning you won’t have to worry about hearing prospects on a busy sales floor.

4. TaoTronics’ SoundLiberty 79

Wireless Bluetooth for Android

TaoTronics’ SoundLiberty 79 sells for around $50. You may not like their looks. the little chrome accent isn’t my thing, but these Bluetooth earbuds fit my ears well and sound decent for the money, with just enough definition and ample bass. All that said, where they really stand out is how they perform as a headset for making calls.

They are five stars in that department, with excellent noise reduction; people had no trouble hearing me on the noisy streets of New York. The company’s “Smart AI noise-reduction technology” really does work.

They are fully water-resistance IPX7-certified and you can get up to 8 hours of battery life at moderate volume levels. The charging case, which provides an extra 32 hours of juice on the go, feels a little cheap, but it’s compact and has USB-C charging.

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5. Samsung Level U Pro

Wireless Bluetooth For Android

Flexible joints and a lightweight, ergonomic design make this set a comfortable option that fits comfortably around your neck. When you get a call, the headset vibrates, which allows you to place the set in your ears to answer.

It connects with Bluetooth-compatible smartphones and tablets, and buttons along the side allow you to answer and end calls and lower the volume. this headset is a great option if you’re shopping on a budget.

This affordable noise-canceling set comes with two rechargeable batteries that each hold eight hours of talk time. Reviewers rave about its connectivity, clear sound quality, and price.

6. Jabra Wave Bluetooth Earpiece

Android Wireless Bluetooth

Jabra Wave keeps users with a talk time of over eight hours the Jabra Wave is a Bluetooth headset which just keeps going and going, making it a great choice if you’re going to be away from a charger for an extended period.

Its fairly large size means it’s not the most discreet of headsets, but it’s a worthwhile trade-off for all that battery life. It also features strong audio quality and is good at suppressing noise, especially wind. Add to that easy pairing and the ability to connect it to two devices at once and the Jabra Wave is a good option.

Jabra Wave bluetooth is only available in the US and UK at the time of writing. Australian readers: check out a fine alternative in the Plantronics Voyager Edge.

7. Plantronics Voyager Legend

Bluetooth Earpiece For Android

Plantronics’ design for the Voyager Legend is simple and minimalistic in all the right ways. It hooks over your ear with ease, and thanks to Smart Sensor Technology, the Voyager Legend can automatically detect when it’s being worn. In real-world use, this means you can accept a call just by placing the headset on your ear without having to press any buttons.

Other highlights include a triple-mic array that cancels out unwanted background noise, a nano-coating that allows for water resistance, and a battery that’s rated to last for up to seven hours of talk time on one charge. When you aren’t using the Voyager Legend, it tucks away nicely in the premium carrying case.

This is affordable headset we picked out, and while it may not offer the absolute best experience, the value proposition that’s offered is tough to argue with.

8. BlueParrott B450-XT Headset

Bluetooth Earphone for Android

Consider if you’re a truck driver or someone that deals with a lot of background noise, chances are you want a Bluetooth headset that can block out as much sound as possible. If that sounds like you, the BlueParrott B45-XT is a great pick-up.

This is far from being a compact headset, but that bulky design has a purpose. Do you see that huge earpiece and microphone? With this setup, BlueParrot says the B45-XT is capable of canceling out 96% of all background sound. Seriously.

In addition to the powerful noise-cancellation, the B450-XT also comes equipped with incredible sound quality, a comfortable design, Bluetooth 4.0, the ability to connect up to two devices at once, and over 24 hours of talk time.

You’ll pay a pretty penny for the B450-XT, but considering everything you’re getting, it’s money well spent.

9. Sennheiser Presence

Bluetooth Earpiece for Android

If you want a Bluetooth headset that’s small, looks cool, but stands out more, check out the Sennheiser Presence. Not only does this look like it comes from a sci-fi movie, it is also comfortable to wear thanks to its around-earhook.

You also get a few different sized ear tips for a more custom fit. Snapping this headset open turns it on, and you can turn it off just by closing it back. Another big plus for this headset is the long use with a single change.

You should get up to 10 hours of talk time before you have to recharge. Speaking of which, this headset does use the older microUSB connection, which is a small annoyance as most new models have moved onto the USB-C connection. However, if you need a long battery life, and want to look cool, consider the Sennheiser Presence.

10. Mpow Pro Trucker Headset

Wireless Bluetooth Earpiece for Android

The Mpow Pro Trucker Bluetooth headset’s biggest asset is that it’s very affordable. You should be able to get this for about $25. For that price, you can get a lightweight headset that has a 360-degree rotating microphone, so you can always get a comfortable ft. It also comes with a very long 12-hour battery life and a decent 10-meter range.

On the downside, the build quality isn’t quite as good as some other headsets on this list, and it also supports just Bluetooth 2.1. That being said, this is an excellent choice for a Bluetooth headset that will last a long time, and won’t hurt your wallet.

This headset looks good and feels great. Sound quality is wonderful and limits background noise picked up by the mic. It’s a small, well-made set providing another great option for weekend or on-the-go calls.

This concludes our list of the best Bluetooth earpiece that gives the best enjoyment. However, it’s not advisable to abuse the use of a headset as it can cause serious damage to your ear. Always minimize the volume.


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